The Rules of My Immortal Dynasty Challenge

Firstly,  I have been hugely inspired by the Immortal Dynasty Challenge on Carl’s Sim Guide but after playing it, I have modified it somewhat.  Mainly because if I play by my own rules, I can’t be accused of breaking them and because this fits my story more. So my rules.


You need to start with one, young adult Sim. Your sim should have zero simoleans to their name and be in a completely blank neighbourhood. You will need to use cheats to remove all the money. The blank neighbourhood I will be using is the island in Windenburg.  You can choose any lot in the neighbourhood as your dynasty lot, but you can not move until your dynasty is complete. If you have Spa Day you may add one EA made Spa to your game and if you own Dine Out you may add one EA made restaurant to your game. You may also add a generic lot to use as a graveyard.


Your Sim is striving for immortality. They can become immortals after they have completed the requirements (meaning you can stay a Young Adult forever… if you hustle). You need to make ambrosia to stay young. You may use the cloning machine if you choose to follow the scientist career path to multiply the dish or ingredients. I will be trying to avoid it.

The Requirements

  1. Max a unique career.
  2. Max five skills to level ten. You may combine photography and dancing to count as one skill. You can combine a photography or dancing with Vampiric Law and have it could as two skills. Obviously, the skills do not have to be unique per immortal.
  3. Complete one unique LTWs. This is the only LTW you are allowed to complete. All other lifetime satisfaction points must be gained by completing whims.
  4. Find a spouse, achieve soulmate status and go on five gold medal dates. The only exception to this is the 7th and 8th immortals; they will not be able to get married due to room in the household .(Actually, I am going to see whether you can get married and not move in together? If they can, spouses will need to move into the family neighbourhood).
  5. Build at least one community lot in any of the five EA towns. The cost is to be deducted using money cheats from your household funds. However, for every community lot build your household will receive 2500 simoleons a week.  You may only change community lots in your game if you pay for the whole lot. (So if you add a shower to the park you must deduct the cost of the park from your household funds). You may use the buydebug menu to get fishing ponds, toilets etc but none of the plants unlocked through grafting.
  6. Build at least one residential lot in any of the five EA towns. The cost of the residential lot must be deducted from your funds. For each residential lot built, you will receive 500 simoleons a week. Unless the lot is in your home neighbourhood, in which case you will receive zero simoleons as it can only be occupied by family.
  7. You may not move any new Sims into any town unless they move into a house you have built. You must have the correct number of bed spaces for the number of sims you are moving in. ( Example -One double bed – you may move in one single sim or one couple). So no moving a family of 8 into a single bed starter!
  8. You may move additional children out of your Dynasty home but only if they are moving into a home you have built (and paid for) in your Dynasty neighbourhood and they are not an immortal. There must be a bed space for this Sim when they move out. You may not send any alien pregnancies home. Child and teen sims may move in with older relatives if you need the space but both parents (if alive) and the sim being moved out must have a full friendship bar with the new guardian before the move takes place. Once moved out of the dynasty home, sims can not be moved back in. Spouses can never be moved out, nor can any helpers you add to your household.
  9. In each EA town, the immortal candidate must host at least one unique party to a gold medal standard. (eg A wedding in Oasis Springs, a dinner party in Willow Creek etc) You must host at least five gold medal parties, so if you have fewer than 5 towns you will need to repeat some locations. You can not repeat party types. Eligible Parties include are any party you can pull up on the plan party menu.
  10. You need to have one good friend from each EA town. You need at least five good friends so if you have less than five towns you will need to have multiple good friends from some towns. None of your good friends can be from your household.
  11. You must contribute 8 collectibles from the same collection, plus a painted portrait to an immortal museum. You may wish to include multiple portraits and photographs are well.
  12. You must produce an heir before eating ambrosia.

The Heir

The heir must be the first born child of the current immortal candidate. You can do a matriarchy/patriarchy or use any other heir patterns you like. I will be doing a matriarchy and using a naming pattern. You can not adopt the heir.

Clubs and Lot Traits

You may have clubs but each Immortal can only every be a member of one club. Each club can purchase 4 rewards but no more. To add people to the club you must ask them in person.

You can have one lot trait per generation. The lot trait can be changed on the same day as when the immortal first eats ambrosia and the heir takes over as the main immortal candidate. This is the only day the lot trait can be changed. You may set a lot trait when your founder first moves into their lot.

Reward Potions & Traits

All reward potions and traits are up for grabs. However, you can only gain points through your singular LTW and whims. Remember, you will need enough points to purchase some of the ingredients for ambrosia.

So those are the rules – I look forward to telling you the story!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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