About Me!

Hi! You can call me Polly! (It’s a nickname from way back) I am here to share my stories from the Sims 4!

I love to play challenges but I will admit, I suck at following other people’s rules so I generally modify them a bit. I have all my current challenges up the top in the menu bar, complete with their rules.

I am currently playing a Disney Legacy Challenge and an Immortal Dynasty Challenge.

I also have a Youtube Channel where I do SpeedBuilds, Create-A-Sims, and Let’s Plays like The Drifter Challenge and my own Dominion Challenge.

If you have any ideas or feedback, please let me know. I am just starting out so all feedback is helpful!

I do play with CC  and MC Command Centre because they help me tell richer stories.  And I am all about the stories! I hope you like reading them:-) Here’s just a taste of some of the adventures my Sims get up to!